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New weekly view: EURCHF 25-30 April 2011 Update: 27 April 2011 – EURCHF retraced deep into the bounce zone and found support at the trendline. Still a lot of bearish pressure, but looking for a move up. Update – 28 April 2011 – Nice bounce in the support area, for our move back up. Now, [...]

New weekly view: EURGBP 25-30 April 2011 End of week update – The pair continues to grind higher, stalling at previous highs

New weekly view: 25-30 April 2011 Update: 28 April 2011 – Very nice spike up to our resistance area, followed by an aggressive selloff. End of week update: The spike mid week was the perfect selling point, sending the pair to new lower lows.

New weekly view: USDCHF, 25-30 April 2011 Update: 27 April 2011. USDCHF core move completed End of week update: The pair kept on giving, overshooting our target to the downside.

New weekly view: 25-30 April 2011 Update – 28 April 2011 – NZDUSD keeps on grinding higher at a weaker pace than AUDUSD, still eying new higher highs. End of week update: Although NZDUSD advances a bit weaker than its brother, it ended the week at one of the 2007 highs.

New weekly view: 25-30 April 2011 Update – 28 April 2011 – 1.070 area held as support to provide a spring board for a move to 1.10. End of the week update: AUDUSD completed the move, after 1.070 area held as support.

New week: 25 April 2011 -  Cable still very bullish, with more room to move higher, but lets wait for a retracment before stepping in. Update – 28 April 2011 – Cable completed our move to 1.67 target. Only play for today and tomorrow is to fade these highs…. End of week update:  Cable completed [...]

New week – 25 April 2011 – View from the weekly chart New week: 25 April 2011 – Daily Chart – Still very bullish, but a retracement to 1.440 (at least) would be healthy. T Update: 28 April 2011 – After a weaker than expected retracement, the pair raced up to touch 1.48, looking to [...]

Update 19 April Update – 21 April 2011 – EURUSD completes the move in the last trading day before the easter break. Update – 21 April 2011  

Update – 19 April 2011 Update – 21 April 2011 – After a deep pullback, cable completes the whole move ahead of the Easter break. Update – 22 April 2011