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GBP/USD, July 30

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GBP/USD, July 30, 7am UK Time Cable continues to look a bit heavy but regained some strength after Asia with a quick move up to 1.5635, but gave away the gains in a quick down move. Bulls and bears are fighting at Daily Pivot (1.5617), 21 SMA and 200 SMA (M5) to find support. The [...]

EUR/USD, July 29

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EU/USD, July 29, 1pm UK Time Ongoing USD weakness lead to a breakout of EU/USD above the 1.3040 level. I tend not to trade EUR/USD today. This has more upside momentum, but I don’t like the risk-reward ratio for longs at this level. Don’t forget that the whole market called parity just a few weeks [...]

GBP/USD, July 29

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GBP/USD, July 29, 11am Cable in a stunning up move for the last (for me internet-free..) week. Expect a correction, or at least a false breakout below the trend line. I consider going short into the US session.  GBP/USD, July 29, 3pm UK Time Beautiful move up from the 1.56 to the 1.5656 level. I [...]

GBP/USD, July 27

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GBP/USD, July 27, 7am UK Time Looks like Cable has a chance to move above the double top from yesterday.

GBP/USD, 26 July 2010

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GBP/USD, 26 July 2010, 9am Cable continues a strong performance to form a double top at Daily R1 (1.55). Most likely to pull back to the Daily Pivot just below 1.54 before making another attempt at 1.55.

AUD/JPY, July 22

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AUD/JPY, July 22. 4pm UK Time AUD/JPY stays in the same pattern, the moves are just getting bigger and bigger. A strong re-tracement to the 50% Fib level (on the daily and H1 Fib) was followed by an explosive up move, almost to the 78 level. If we stay in the same pattern as before, [...]

GBP/USD, July 22

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GBP/USD, July 22, 4pm UK Time Cable back into range mode! Critical zones marked blue.

EUR/USD, July 22

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Sorry for being so slow, but my internet provider still hasn’t fixed the connectivity issues and I doubt that I will be fully operational before mid next week. In the meantime, I will try my best to update charts from publich WLAN places. After a two-day down move of EU/USD, with a little stop at [...]

GBP/USD, July 21, 7am

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GBP/USD, July 21, 7am Cable has pulled back after numerous attempts to crack 1.53 to the upside.  A convincing attempt beyond 1.533 will see this go higher to the 1.54, 1.55 region.

EU/USD, July 21, 7am UK Time After a multi-day up move to the 1.3 level, this pair has retraced to the 38% Fib level, bounced up one Fib level and tries to find direction again. The broad blue zone marks a pretty crowded trading zone limited to the upside by the daily pivot. I see [...]